ARTime with Miss Julie Endorsements

Many different educators have found success with ARTime with Miss Julie classroom art videos. They are an affordable, easy way to teach elementary students art concepts and inspire creativity.

“I did a different lesson with each class of 6th graders. (The Recipe, Country Landscape and Chagall’s Rooster)  They were very successful; a credit to your clear and well sequenced  teaching.  The kids listened beautifully…” Sheila LeCompte, Clear View Charter School, Chula Vista, CA

“We viewed the Owl lesson as part of our staff development time today.  I just wanted to have the teachers get a feel for it, but they would not let me stop until they completed their owls!  Now we are going to display our teacher owls in the office!  Too much fun! So, I want to make the purchase.” Pat Thomas, Principal, Golden Hills Elementary, Tehachapi, CA

“I am pleased to report that I went to the library yesterday to check out a snowman lesson for my daughter’s teacher, and there is a waiting list.  Less than half the DVDs were available.  It’s great that our teachers are taking advantage of your program.

At one point, you said you were considering creating a new series this summer.  If that’s the case, please keep us updated!” Kim Mishkind, Parent Club President, McAuliffe Elementary, Bakersfield, CA